Easy Listing on Ebay

Ebay has provided an additional income for me for over 14 years! I have always loved eBay and loved going out sourcing new inventory, but I hated listing the items. They would pile up in the corner of a room somewhere until the pile became so large I had to do something with it.

If you’re looking for an easy quick method to list your items and even do research at the same time then listen up. I first do a search on the eBay seller app for a similar item to the one I’m listing. Then I refine my search to include “Solds”. When I find one like mine, I click on the listing and scroll down to “sell one like this”. It keeps the title and most of the data but not the description, photos, or pricing. I add my photos to the listing and my price, then scroll to the bottom and hit save. Later I’ll go to my laptop and bring up those Drafts and revise anything I need to and list. Easy peasey 🙂 No more piles of items not listed. Now go get busy because those items can’t make you any money if they’re not listed LOL